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Travel Vaccination

Private Travel Vaccination Clinic in Farnborough

We offer a comprehensive travel health clinic at Clockhouse Pharmacy in Farnborough. Book your appointment online for expert travel health advice, vaccinations and antimalarials.
If you need vaccinations for travel purposes or occupational health, we are well-placed to help you. Our travel vaccination pharmacists will take you through a consultation to establish your vaccination needs and requirements tailored to your travel plan.

Book Travel Vaccination In Farnborough

Need a last-minute appointment? We have good availability with same-day appointments on most days. Book online or walk-in. If you have any queries regarding the travel clinic service, please call us on 01252540777.

Additional Travel Health Services

We aim to provide a full range of private vaccination services at Clockhouse Pharmacy. You can book an appointment for the following services with our travel health experts.

Importance of Travel Vaccinations

Vaccinations are very important to protect yourself and your loved one from different infections. Also, for most travel insurance policies to be valid, you need to have done the recommended vaccinations. Some vaccinations have multiple doses so it’s important that you plan to have your vaccination in advance of your departure date, usually 6-8 weeks prior.

How can I book a Travel Vaccination Consultation in Farnborough?

We offer online bookings and walk-in appointments to suit your needs. Our pharmacists have received specific training in providing travel vaccination services. The service will be provided in a private consultation room where you can ask any questions that you might have. It’s important that you bring any previous immunisation history with you to help the pharmacist work out what vaccination you might need.

Don’t forget your travel essentials

We also offer a range of travel essentials such as mosquito repellents, flight socks, Diarrhea relief, and rehydration therapies. If you are not sure about which vaccination you need to have or which boosters you may need then contact us to speak to one of our pharmacists for a free consultation.

Useful links and websites

You can find the latest information and updates on travel vaccines for different destinations on the following NHS and government websites.

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